Auburn dpHUE Gloss from Ulta

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I am so excited to share about this product because Ulta is selling it half off for their Gorgeous Hair Event on 5/15, Regular Price $35 – Sale Price $17.50. This is the new packaging and my most used color Auburn.

I initially began using this product after I found a bottle on clearance at Marshalls. After doing some research I realized that the line was still around and they had just repackaged. This product peaked my interest because I have been dying my hair for 14+ years and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been trying to stretch time in-between dyes to maintain my hair health. I have found the longer I wait in-between dyes, my hair is so much happier and retains it’s shine and natural oil. I was so excited to find this because anyone who dyes their hair knows what a nightmare it can be in-between color sessions because of your roots. 

I think this product is perfect for someone who has roots that are around the shade range of the color they dyed their hair. So for example I always dye my hair some form of brunette but with heavy red/auburn tones so when my roots come in, my natural hair is a really cool ash medium brown and it’s super apparent. This would also be for someone who wants to add shine to their hair and a tint of color.

Cool Dark Brown dpHUE Gloss from Ulta and Warm Medium Brown dpHUE Gloss from Ulta

This is the old packaging that you may be able to find at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I do not know if they made any formula changes, however I have used both and have had the exact same results so they seem the same to me. I found this for $7.99 and also $6 on clearance but they only had these two shades options when I was shopping and I had to hunt for them.

How to Use

Okay, here is how to use color conditioner, I recommend using gloves unless you are using a light blonde shade. I use this in the shower and will shampoo before unless my hair is still very clean. I keep the shower running but will squeeze excess water out of my hair. I section my hair with a middle part so I have an even section of hair on each side of my head. I then start with small pumps at a time and begin spreading in my hair. This is a coloring product but the base is conditioner so it is very easy to apply. I continue applying until my hair is so silky that it doesn’t feel as if any more product would make a difference.

I want to note that with darker shades, just like hair dye it will stain your skin. I personally use The Shave Well Company Original Anti-Fog Shaving Mirror | Fogless Bathroom Handheld Mirror for Men and Women | Long-Lasting Removable Adhesive Hook so I can accurately apply it around my face. This mirror has been such a convenient purchase and I love it! When applying around my face and ears, I apply it pretty carefully and also generously since my roots are what I’m trying to blend.

End Results

Ta-Da! This is a 24 hour difference between my hair with no color conditioner and after applying it. As you can see, it blended my roots nicely and added overall color and shine to my hair. To maintain this, I would recommend using this product once per week unless your hair seems to hold the color longer. I also recommend going as long as you can in between washes because this is semi-permeant color so it will wash out and fade over time.

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