This week for my Brand review I wanted to talk about Sol De Janeiro. I have been a long time fan of Brazilian Bum Bum Cream because it has the most amazing scent, warm and tropical. It is one of my summer essentials and while on vacation (where it’s warm of course!). Once I tried the Bum Bum Cream, I knew I wanted to explore other products from the brand, that’s where Glowmotions came along!

I was so excited to try the glow motions because I love a bronze goddess look and am a huge fan of highlighter especially on tanned skin. They have a decent color range, so these would highlight most skin tones. They have the amazing bum bum scent and once they are rubbed in it’s not greasy or slippery at all. I actually found that its fairly waterproof too because I showered the night I swatched them on my arm and after the shower my arm still had the shimmer glow on it. This is perfect for swimming or being at the beach considering water won’t immediately take it off.

On a side note, I wore my bum bum body mist when I was on vacation in Greece visiting family. Whenever I spray the bum bum body mist now, it always takes me right back to my trip. Every time I go on vacation, I try to take a different perfume or body spray so later on it will remind me of my trips. This goes great with dpHue Warm Medium Brown hair dye. Check out my other post on it and how to apply it!


I was really excited to try the Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter and pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t have the typical bum bum scent, still a warm comforting scent but lighter. It has a rather large applicator but I actually don’t mind that for summer because I’m usually wearing less makeup so that doesn’t bother me as much. It is a moisturizing butter that is thick in the sense that it will give you great coverage but doesn’t feel heavy on the lips.

Prior to trying the bum bum cream, I always felt like, aside from the scent, what’s so special about the lotion? Well it has micro shimmers that you really can’t see until you are in the sun but it’s gives you the most beautiful glow without initially recognizing shimmer on your body. The lotion really lasts, I feel very moisturized afterward and even through the next day. Definitely one of my most recommended summer essentials!

Here is a comparison of the Glowmotion on the skin. Though Samba Sway is darker as you can see, once it’s rubbed in you can’t really tell. That’s what I love about this product because you could most likely use any color on any skin tone and it will provide different glow effects without looking too dark or chalky. In the last photo, you can see it has micro shimmers so no need to worry about chunky glitter. You can also apply a heavier layer for a more dramatic look!

So which one should you buy?

If I had to recommend one product, it would be the bum bum lotion because it does offer the subtle shimmer and warm scent. It’s such an easy product to use and will work on so many skin types. However, if you like being a little extra (like me 🤪) then I say go for the Glowmotion! The Glowmotion is such a fun way to add something extra to a Friday night out, trip to the beach, or tropical vacation. It will last all night and doubles as a perfume since the scent really does last, even though my shower lol 

If you choose to purchase on Sol De Janeiro’s website I recommend signing up for a Sol Passport, it’s their reward system and you earn points for spending and get money off. I have already received $20 off for what I spent so it’s totally worth it and is free to sign up!