Primer is a must-have everyday makeup item that you need to wear whether you’re putting on only BB cream with a lip balm or a full makeup look. If you don’t own a primer yet, you’re seriously missing out on something crucial. Primer helps you apply a smooth base for the foundation and keeps you from looking greasy by combating excess shine. Primarily, the best drugstore primer is a cosmetic item that works as a base for foundation, allowing the overall makeup to go on smoother and last longer. It is essentially the base of your makeup, without which your makeup can’t stay fresh and fade off quickly. In this list, we go over the best drugstore primer for any type of skin. best drugstore primer

Six Best and Must-Have Primers

1.Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Primer – $38

Best Drugstore Face Primer

The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Primer is an excellent face primer that not just helps hold your makeup for a long time but also vanishes lines, pores, wrinkles, and other little imperfections from your face. You only need to put this primer lightly and sparingly as it goes on very smoothly. Moreover, it is clear in color and leaves your face soft even with a restricted quantity. Due to its subtle pink tint, it works on almost all skin tones without looking thick. Besides, it adds incredibly to the staying power of the makeup by providing a smooth canvas for an ideal application.

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2. CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Primer – $10

Best Drugstore Makeup Primer

CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Primer is an incredible primer to use for any occasion that requires you to stay out all day. It has an opaque white tone and has a bit thick consistency like a regular yogurt (not the Greek one, though). This primer can help hold any type of foundation whether powder or liquid, making it suitable for anyone. It helps reduce fine lines, pores, and other imperfections significantly. You might not even want to wear a foundation sometimes. It supports a four-part powder system from which two parts help prevent shine by absorbing oil, one part helps disguise imperfection, and one part helps you get a matte look.

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3. CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer –  $11

Best Drugstore Primer for Oily Skin

CoverGirl Simply Ageless Serum Primer is more like a tinted moisturizer rather than a full-on primer, making it perfect for oily skin types. People with an oily skin have to be very picky when it comes to getting a primer because even a good product can end up giving them a greasy look full of blemishes. That is why the CoverGirl Ageless Serum is recommended for oily skin type as it is lightweight and doesn’t make your skin look greasy. It gives the foundation an excellent staying power that is hard to find in the case of oily skin type.

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4. Sephora Collection Perfecting Ultra-Smoothing Primer – $28

Best Drugstore Primer for Dry Skin

Sephora Collection Perfecting Ultra-Smoothing Primer is good for anyone who has a dry or combination skin. This primer doesn’t just help the makeup stay put, but it also fills even the tiniest of pores to make your foundation look perfect. This product feels very smooth and is easily applicable; it just glides over the skin and gets absorbed. The huge advantage of using this primer is that it contains some great ingredients such as vitamins A and E that help make the skin healthy. It also contains sunflower oil, so it may end up being greasy for the oily skin types.

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5. NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer – $13

Best Drugstore Eyeshadow Primer

NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer is designed for almost all skin types. This primer by NYX has a great consistency and goes on like silk on the skin. It helps cover your eyes correctly to give an excellent base for using eyeshadows. Due to dark circles, lines, and wrinkles, your eyeshadow gets dim and doesn’t really enhance your look and instead, makes your eyes look heavy and dull. However, this primer will keep your eyes bright just like the other facial areas, and you will notice a difference in the color once you use it.

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6. Nuance Salma Hayek Color & Correct CC Cream – $17

Best Drugstore Eye Primer

Nuance Salma Hayek Color & Correct CC Cream is designed by none other than Salma Hayek herself to help women enhance their natural looks and color rather than giving them lots of thick coverage for hiding imperfections. This color and correct CC cream acts as an excellent primer as it helps hold the makeup for a long time. It is a multi-purpose cream that helps conceal your under dark eye circles as well as provides a sheer coverage of SPF 20. If you’re looking for a primer that can completely hide your dark spots and correct the uneven skin tone, then this product is a must-have.

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What Are Primers and What Do They Do?

Many people are under the impression that a primer is an unnecessary item and not everyone needs to use it. Some consider it not a thing to spend their money on as they prefer hoarding different shades of lip color or other items. The truth is that using a primer before applying makeup can not only make your makeup last longer but also protect the makeup from setting inside your pores. Just like the application of a moisturizer before makeup is necessary for keeping your skin soft, a primer is needed to prepare your skin to hold the foundation throughout the day.

Some people think that primers are available in a creamy formula only, which doesn’t go well with the oily skin type. However, the truth is that primers are available in not only cream but also powder and gel form, making them suitable for every type whether dry or oily. Also, primers work on almost all facial structures as their prime function is to keep makeup from melting off. They don’t enhance any certain features of the face. Every face structure requires a long-lasting coverage, and that’s what a primer does.

Apart from that, the best drugstore primer provides significant benefits. For instance, offers anti-aging, color-correction, sun protection, radiance-boosting, and hydrating qualities. A good-quality primer can help treat acne and reduce breakout. It also helps reduce excess shine by regulating oil production. Some primers also provide users with minerals and anti-oxidants to comfort, hydrate, and nourish the skin. If you have any issues with fragrances or parabens, then you can easily purchase a fragrance-free, oil-free, or paraben-free primer. You can even choose a primer according to your requirements such as a mineral-based, naturally-derived, or water-resistant primer.

How to Apply Primer?

Applying the best drugstore primer is not really tricky as you have to spread it all over your face where you’re going to put makeup or the area where your foundation goes. However, some things need to be considered before applying a primer or else it won’t be able to perform its job correctly. If you want an even application of a primer, then make sure you apply a quality moisturizer before using it. Also, once you apply the moisturizer, wait for a few minutes so that it absorbs deeply underneath your skin and then apply a primer.

Another important point is that you should use a very light amount of primer, as a massive coverage might not hold your makeup correctly.

Start applying the primer from the center area of your face and work your way out. The only tool you’ll require is a sponge, most preferably a Beautyblender, or your fingertips.

Once you have applied the primer, let it set for a few minutes and then go for a foundation of your choice. The primer will hold the foundation nicely and won’t let your makeup fade off even hours after the application.

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